Pushkar is a bewitching little town set right on the edge of the desert and is only 11 kms from Ajmer, but separated from it by Nag Pahar, the Snake mountain.Pushkar Ghat This traveller-friendly town clings to the side of the small Pushkar Lake with its many bathing ghats and temples. For Hindus, Pushkar is a very important pilgrimage centre and you'll see plenty of sadhus there.
Pushkar is perhaps best known for its Camel Fair which takes place here each October/November. This massive congregation of camels, cattle, livestock traders, pilgrims, tourists and film-makers is one of the planet's most incredible events. If you are anywhere within striking distance at the time, it's an event not to be missed. Being a holy place, alcohol, meat and even eggs are banned in the town.

Sightseeing at Pushkar -
Jagat Pita Shri Brahma Temple : This is the only existing temple dedicated to Lord Brahma. Built in the 14th century, it stands on a high plinth with marble steps leading up to it. A silver turtle is set on the floor facing the sanctum-sanctorum or garbha-griha. Around the turtle, the marble floor is inset with hundreds of silver coins. Coins engraved with donor's names are also embedded in the walls. Peacocks adorn the temple walls as they are supposed to be the Bramha Temple Pushkarvehicle of Lord Brahama's consort Saraswati. The sanctuary has silver doors inside a carved marble gateway.

Brahma Temple : This is one of the famous temple of the world where Lord Brahma is worshipped. The temple witholds many religious beliefs and is significant in the heart of Hindus. Brahma temple has marble floors, stairs and coins. You would love to see the temple marble floors.

Pushakr Lake : This is one of the important attractions of Pushkar and is immensely important amongst the followers of Hinduism. The lake was devoted to Lord Brahma. The lake is surrounded by 500 temples, 52 palaces and 52 ghats. Pushkar lake is a must watch during Karthik Purnima wich is held in the month of November every year, the fest is better known as the Pushkar fair.

Fairs-Festivals in Pushkar -
Pushkar Fair Pushkar is perhaps best known for its Camel Fair which takes place here each October/November. Each year, upto 200,000 people flock to Pushkar for the Camel fair, bringing with them some 50,000 camels and cattle for several days Pushkar Fairof pilgrimage, live stock trading, horse dealing and spirited festivities. There are camel races, street theatre and a variety of stalls selling interesting handicrafts. The place becomes a flurry of activity with musicians, mystics, comedians, tourists, traders, animals and devotees all converging on the small town. A good camel can fetch tens of thousands of rupees and is a vital source of income for many villagers. This fair is the only one of its kind in the world and has featured in numerous magazines, travel shows and films.

Reaching Pushkar -
By Air : The nearest airport is at Jaipur 132 km.
By Rail : Nearest railway station is 11 kms far from Pushkar in Ajmer.
By Road : Well connected to all the major cities of Rajasthan.

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